Who is Jo Blythe? Jo Blythe Personal Life, Career and Net Worth

There are always a few news reporters who deliver news daily with their talent and strong appeal that leaves a big impression on our lives.

Similarly, Jo Blythe is one of the influential news reporters who has been in the field for a long time.

She is one of those weather reporters that take on our lives daily with their various enthusiastic news reports.

In this article, we will let you know more about this British weather reporter.

Jo Blythe is a British journalist, weather reporter, and broadcaster. She is mostly associated with the ITV network for her work.

News regulars might know her already. But if you don’t know who Jo Blythe is, then look forward to this article.

In this article, we will let you discover everything you need to know about Jo Blythe.

Scroll more to read about Jo Blythe’s biography, career and net worth.

Who is Jo Blythe?

Jo Blythe is a British journalist, reporter, television and radio broadcaster, best known for weather reporting.

Jo is currently employed by ITV as a weather presenter.

She reported and hosted a variety of shows for ITV’s Lunchtime News, Granada’s Weather, and Good Morning Britain.

She started her career as a young reporter coming from the media and culture major.

Jo was interested in meteorology simultaneously. However, she joined ITV as a weathercaster and continued her career in reporting.

Since then her career in journalism began to flow, presenting in various programmes on ITV.

Today she is one of the respected reporters of ITV.

People praise her for her talent and her incredible representation of news as a host, reporter and weathercaster. 

Who is Jo Blythe
Full NameJoanna Blythe
Date of BirthMay 6, 1980
Age43 years
Place of BirthUnited Kingdom
EducationLeeds Metropolitan University
OccupationMeteorologist and News Presenter
Height5 feet 5 inches
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde
Net Worth$0.2 million
InstagramClick here
TwitterClick here

Is Jo Blythe Gay?

No, Jo is not gay but a straight woman.

Although very few details are available of her private life, Jo is surely not a gay person.

She has been married to her husband for a long time. There was never a rumour of her being gay and she never addressed anything towards her sexuality either on public or social media.

What Is Jo Blythe’s Sexuality?

Before continuing the answer, we should remember, no matter what sexuality a person belongs to, as humans, we should never judge a person for being who they are, irrespective of gender, race, religion and more.

According to reports, Blythe is a straight woman. She is a famous reporter known for her presentation on various ITV programmes.

She has a husband and two children. While appearing in the media as a journalist and host, Blythe never referred to her personal life.

Who Is Jo Blythe’s Dating Partner?

As Blythe keeps her life very private, there is rarely any information available about her personal life. Jo Blythe’s dating partner is unknown.

However, Jo is married to a man whose identity is still unidentified. The 43-year-old journalist and weathercaster lives to keep her profile low with her personal life.

Who Is Jo Blythe's Dating Partner

Jo Blythe’s Dating History Explained

Jo knows how to keep her professional life separate from her personal life. As a private person, she kept her profile out of the limelight.

Blythe didn’t even let any information out about her marriage as well.

As per reports, there is no relationship history of Jo Blythe available at the moment. We will keep you updated if we get a valid retort from her side.

Is Jo Blythe Married?

Yes, she is married. She has been married to her non-celebrity husband for a long time. They have two beautiful children together.

It is reported that she took a break from her work during her pregnancy. She has two children, one was born in 2013 and the younger one is born in May, 2018.

How Jo Blythe Started Her Career?

While living in West Yorkshire, she is believed to have graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Popular Culture. 

Besides this, she had a keen interest in meteorology as well. As talented as she is, Jo handled both her interests of work.

Initially for her career, she started with journalism where she worked as a weather reporter. Interestingly, she started with weather reporting in 2001 on ITV, a major television section in the UK besides renowned networks like BBC.

Being a talented and successful presenter, her career constantly became uprooted towards reporting which she continued for two decades.

Why is Jo Blythe So Famous?

She is primarily known as a famous weather reporter and presenter. Her charisma and personality are one of the reasons she is well-loved by everyone.

Besides that, she is famous for her charming personality and fashionable clothes. Blythe works in one of the popular television networks of the United Kingdom, ITV.

She presented in various shows around this particular channel from morning reports to evening weather reports.

She is no doubt an outstanding employee at her job.

Therefore, for her hard work, she earned a nomination as one of the greatest weather reporter awards in the FHM Bloke Award.

Jo Blythe Career

She started her journalism career as a relief weather presenter for ITV in 2001.

The renowned channel is known as a big competitor to the UK’s biggest news network, BBC.

As an expert as she is, Jo covered many scheduled news such as Granada, Yorkshire, Tyne-Tees, and Bordse Regions for the ITV network.

Blythe appeared in the 2004 ITV documentary A Brush With the Mersey about the history of River Mersey.

The station expanded into new areas and divided them into some regions in 2009. After that Jo sticks to the ITV Yorkshire region after the expansion. 

Later, she worked for ITV Granada. It is situated near the big city of Manchester. Her reporting programme also includes Good Morning Britain as Granada North West Weather Forecaster.

Besides weather reporting, she appeared in some non-weather-related programmes, such as programmes that document the countryside.

She loves visiting the countryside and documenting the remote lifestyle and situations. Jo was recently seen in an ITV broadcast as a visitor to a Lancashire farm.

Furthermore, she had appeared as an extra in a film.  She was seen taking an autumnal stroll through Towneley Park.

Long before her career in reporting, Jo was also credited as a member of the production team for a 1997 television film The Canterville Ghost.

Family Background

As mentioned above Jo Blythe is a private person. There is rarely any information about her personal life or family background.

Besides this as a public figure in journalism, there is no vital information about her family background on the internet as well.

Personal life

According to her social media posts, it looks like she is a Nature Person. She loves taking pictures of the moon according to her Instagram bio.

Jo is a family person who loves spending time with her family and friends. She is also a big-time traveller, her social media is full of travel pictures. 


Jo Blythe has been married to her husband for a long time. However, she keeps her personal life private for her professional life.

Blythe is considered to be in a happy relationship with her husband and two kids.

Nominations, Honours, Award Winnings

As a talented and hard-working reporter, Jo Blythe was once nominated for the FHM Bloke Award in 2006 for being the fourth greatest weather guy.

Jo Blythe Net Worth 2024

Jo Blythe has been in the news reporting industry for a long time. From her long career in journalism, she earns most of her fortune.

According to some sources, her estimated net worth is around $0.2 million.

FAQS about Jo Blythe

Who is Jo Blythe?

Jo Blythe is a British journalist, reporter, television and radio broadcaster, best known for weather reporting.

How old is Jo Blythe?

Jo Blythe is 43 years old, born on May 6, 1980.

How tall is Jo Blythe?

Jo Blythe is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Does Jo Blythe speak Russian?

No, Jo Blythe can not speak Russian.

Is Jo Blythe Married?

Yes, Jo Blythe is married.

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