Is Kawaki Evil? Who is Kawaki?

The manga Boruto is full of adventure and action. Just like Naruto, Boruto wishes to be a great ninja.

Readers follow Boruto and his friends on this journey. We root for them as they face obstacles. Themes of Friendships, betrayals, and new enemies are present. As he finds his path, Boruto has many ordeals to overcome.

The manga series delves into the ups and downs the main characters face. Boruto is a manga where we see different shades of characters as they face obstacles.

Who is Kawaki?

Kawaki is a Shinobi who can be described as cold as ice, and his persona is mysterious. He is distant from others, as he had a difficult childhood.

He faced many unpleasant moments, so he doesn’t trust anyone. Kawaki can also be a hostile and rude person. He was raised to be the vessel for Isshiki Otsutuski by the organization Kara, he is part of.

After he is brought to Konohagakure, Naruto takes him under his guidance, and slowly he forms a strong bond with Naruto’s son Boruto.

From his background, we see why he is the way he is. When he was younger he suffered abuse by his father and Kara. It made him wary of others.

Kawaki has a difficult time trusting others. His manners are blunt, and he doesn’t beat around the bush. Due to his past trauma, he has low self-esteem and views himself as an empty shell.

After Naruto guides him and gives him support, he has a change of heart. As he is rude to most people, they don’t like him a lot.

He has a grim and isolated aura around him. He hates Shinobi and has a desire to finish it.

His appearance is emo-looking, as he has an undercut with a Roman numeral under his left eye. He has a pair of hoop rings on his eyebrow. His attire consists of a green top over which he wears a sleeveless jacket. He pairs his black pants with black sandals.

Who is Kawaki

Is Jougan stronger than Rinnegan?

From the beginning of the story for Boruto readers have seen that Rinnegan was the strongest Dojutsu.

Out of the Three Great Dojutsu, the Rinnegan was once thought to be the strongest, but it appears that its hegemony may be about to end. The Rinnegan’s Six Path powers are nearly unmatched, as it is difficult to match meteor showers and planetary destruction.

Although the Rinnegan still appears to be the more powerful dojutsu at the Jougan’s current level, it will soon be seen how strong the Jogan is, as there are rumors that it may be far more potent than the Rinnegan.

Until then, it appears that Rinnegan will continue to be the most powerful Dojutsu in the Boruto series, with the Jogan being marginally inferior to its ridiculous strength and power.

It’s possible as the story progresses we might see a change in the power play, and there might be a switch.

The author of the manga might make changes in the strength level of Jougan and Rinnegan.

Why did Kawaki turn evil in Boruto?

Fans have many questions regarding Kawaki. Has Kawaki turned evil? Did his past impact him?

Can we hold him responsible?

In the latest chapter of the manga, we see that him wishing to destroy everything related to the Ōtsutsuki clan. Kawaki has become evil as he does not want the  Ōtsutsuki clan to exist and wants to destroy it once and for all. 

In the 77th chapter of Boruto, we see Kawaki profess to Naruto that he is grateful for everything he has done for him. Kwaki will do everything he can to protect the Seventh Hokage.

Defeating the Ōtsutsuki clan won’t be easy, and he might die. As Boruto is the vessel for Momoshiki, Kawaki will kill him as well.

Fans have seen how Kawaki always had a hatred within himself. Kawaki has been consumed by the negativity. His judgments seem too rash, but we have to see things from his perspective as well.

Will Kawaki become a villain at the end of Boruto?

There has been a twist in the plot of Boruto, as Kawaki has emerged as a villain. A character that no one expected to be the antagonist.

Kawaki is the chosen vessel for Isshiki Otsutuski reincarnation. Naruto takes him under his wing. Kawaki realizes that Momoshiki, another Otsutsuki spirit resides in Boruto’s body.

Kawaki wanting to end all things related to Otsutsuki decides to kill Boruto to end things. To make sure nothing comes his way he’ll trap Naruto and Hinata in a dimension by using his Daikokuten technique, as he braces the vengeance of Konoha.

This extreme decision seems unusual, but it brings a new change to the manga. A battle between Kawaki and Boruto has been a moment fans have been looking forward to since the start of the manga.

It has always been hinted, that this would happen. Now, the fans know that this anticipated battle will happen because of the decisions Kawaki has made.

If this clash between Boruto and Kwaki does happen, it will be the most intense and fierce fight to date. Everything that has happened, never actually hinted at Kawaki to be the villain.

But now after the events that have happened, it looks like Kawaki will end up being the main antagonist that Boruto has to defeat.

Will Kawaki become a villain at the end of Boruto

Was it necessary for Kawaki to be a Villain?

It is tough to say whether Kawaki should have been a villain or not. He has been at odds with most of the characters, and it’s not that surprising he did become evil.

It could potentially divert our attention from the main focus. The author of the manga could be planning something big for the fans. Many anime and manga have characters who start as a side character but end up having an arc that brings a change in the story.

Kawaki might be playing a similar role. We should wait and see how the narrative will change for Boruto and how Kawaki will impact the plot.

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