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Probably the one of the most popular sports based manga Ao Ashi by Yugo Kobayashi is a must read if you love football. If you have been waiting to read the latest chapter 366 of Ao Ashi, following all subreddits and discussion forums regarding this manga then don’t worry as this article will help you find out the release date and time of the upcoming chapter 366 as well as its plot. We will also give you a spoiler loaded recap of what went down in Chapter 366 which was quite nail biting and motivating. So stay till the end to know about your favorite manga!

Ao Ashi Chapter 366 Release Date

Ao Ashi Chapter 366 is all set to release on April 1, 2024 at 12 am JST. The raw scan is said to be released by March 29, 2024. The release date of the raw scan might be subject to change. If you haven’t checked out the previous chapter, this article has covered it in detail.

Ao Ashi Chapter 365 Recap

I will take him to the globe,” coach Tatsuya Fukuda told Ehime soccer player Ashito Aoi a year ago. One year later, No. 33 Ashito is facing challengers from around the world on the pitch of the Arukas Cup, where young players compete to be the greatest in the world.

They were down one in the first half.Ashito’s act captivated both sides in the arena. With switcher Eisaku Takasugi’s high press, Esperion Youth’s first half began. The rest depends on shooting system design.

I suppose Ashito’s eagle-eye view creates space. I think Rin, who was in the first half plan and plays some, will help Asito coach. In the pandemonium, the finisher dives into the empty area…Probably 33 Ashito.

After a hard tussle, Asito and captain Nagisa Akutsu stole the ball from Gil Xhaka, but it was missed and the game was restarted with a Barça throw-in before halftime. The wary Barça U-18 players didn’t move well against Esperion Youth’s first-half approach.

Given this, Emmanuel Gatot passed the ball until the whistle and took a throw-in. The Barça camp relaxed during the wonderful time. Emmanuel Gato’s tweet slowed Barça’s defenders.

Eisaku Takasugi exploited this gap. The first half ended with a one-point lead. When Barça’s defenders relaxed, they attacked quickly to take advantage.

I suggest believing that this ball will continue without a whistle. Warriors of Esperion Youth! Ashito coached open the half lane after Eisaku Takasugi turned on the switch. Who will finish and leap in?

The golden opportunity in extra time will likely follow Esperion Youth’s first-half blueprint. First half strategy: press deep into Barça’s camp, then use the half-line as a five-lane quick-break attack.

Soccer goals are mostly scored from the center lane. However, their robust defense and difficulty taking shots are natural. If it is too deep from one lane or the side lane, there is no angle, and if it is too shallow, the goal is too far away for shooting. This led to the half-lane in 5-lane soccer.

Ao Ashi Chapter 366

Ao Ashi Chapter 366 Spoiler

The elderly man’s prediction comes true, and the ball goes from the left half lane to the Barça goal. Rin, a rookie transitioning from junior to youth, holds the ball. Coach Tatsuya Fukuda chose Rin one week before the event.

That’s why it’s pure FW. An anonymous player with no data is skillfully dashing toward the goal when no one can stay calm! All players then formed an all-court man-to-man press lineup to safeguard Rin’s breakthrough.

Will Barça concede a goal in the first Arcas Cup encounter to an unknown player? A nightmare pass from Obsidan left Barça’s defenders, crushed by the strong press, unable to interpret Esperion’s attack.

Additionally, the finisher was number 40, which was not in the early data. Esperion Youth used the “all-court man-to-man press.” in this final clash. This makes it hard for players, notably goalkeeper Starless, to come close to Rin, let alone counter.

They face Barça’s finest, regarded as the kingdom of soccer. I doubt Rindo will be allowed to accomplish this. CB David Obsidane is possibly the most irritating player on the pitch.

Do they work with GK Starless to stop Rinkan at the last minute? Rincho’s stop would have ended the first half if the ball wasn’t alive. Only one player saw the ball fall. Ashito, watching the Barça goal from above, was the first to energize the ball.

Due to Asito’s unpredictable actions, all Barça players had to observe the game with astonished expressions. After pressing the switch, all Esperion Youth players worked well together in front of the Barça goal.

If I can create this circumstance, anyone can finish—even myself! When he mumbled that, wouldn’t Ashito take up the ball in the closing minute of the first half and score a golasso?

Last season’s J-League mid-game saw Consadole Sapporo score the most while ranking 8th. An all-court man-to-man press. World-class clubs like Barça and Madrid use it. All-court man-to-man was popular in basketball, but its meaning in soccer is unclear.

This contributes to its reputation as style all-court man-to-man. An advanced soccer tactic called man-to-man high pressing involves applying pressure from deep in the opponent’s camp and having all players fill in the gaps.

However, its weakness against countermeasures was noted. The all-court man-to-man press may be better. Unlike basketball, a precise command center and everyone’s fortitude are needed to do this on a large soccer surface.

Could all-court man-to-man press be soccer’s next trend? Can Barça U-18’s Kingdom DF formation handle intense pressing? Does Barça U-18, who boast the world’s most advanced possession game, need a high press?

Because David Obsidane produced the most concern on the Barça U-18 pitch, Esperion Youth pressed him hard. If Barça’s objective is to push hard to open up a goal, their bench will move. Who will stand on the pitch intrigues me.

Does the same player read Esperion Youth’s high press on the bench? My prediction is that a handsome athlete who can communicate with Demian Kant will be signed to demolish the high press.

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